Monday, December 05, 2005


Lots of time since last post 'ey.
Today we made some nice discoveries which lead to a drop in overall filesize, down with 10 megabytes. Yeah. And then I explored the possibilities of speeding the whole thing up a notch, which was easily done. However, we've run into some problems since now, the in-game text is barely bloody readable. Curses.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Promqueen Development

During the weekend I managed to get some code-work on an XML-editor for editing our strings done, which was planned to take a week. That feels splendid. I've also done some managing trying to get people to doing tasks, I am hoping to release a new test version with NDA's later today. Then it's back to good old testing.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The lid

I've had a lid on the work related to Promqueen for a while, but the pressure is rising again as we're supposed to have quite a few artifacts delivered quite soon and I am always under the impression that lack of communication is uncomfortable.
So tonight I've been evaluating what artifacts are becoming urgent and thereby climbing the priorityladders.
I've also contacted the majority of the group in order to summon them to a evaluation/planning meeting the coming weekend.

Monday, March 28, 2005

fire on bugs

More bugs. More versions. Uploading the latest before I go to bed.

!> Cheerleaders have a habit of stocking up at the bottom of the CL-pyramid, I'm NOT a member
!> Tutorial Stylecombat appears over and over and over
!> Bad gfx glitch in Fay Clothing
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount where the friend said "It's %C" as greeting on the cellphone when they called
/> Fixed a bug which made the map count as home when trying to smoke
/> Fixed a graphic glitch in the toiletlocker, attached to the makeup
-> Added a sound to when taking Amphetamine, it's quite spaced out
/> Added a controlling if to prevent homosexual rumors from appearing
/> Fixed a parsing error on the popup declaring that the girl has a test
/> Fixed a bug which prevented the testmusic from ending when leaving class
/> Fixed a bad parsing which appeared when a friend asked you to hang out
/> Rebalanced the amount of money dad gives you by decreasing each giveout with 1-2 dollars
/> Fixed a bad parsing which displayed the hourly and not the total wage when working
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount which didn't show up in the cellphone when the girl answers to a friend refusing to hang out
/> Fixed a bug which made skipping appear on sundays
-> Implemented a cashregister sound when purchasing posters
-> Implemented a get-item sound when swapping dark secrets
!> My Familyrelation was severely busted for no apparent reason
/> Removed a transparent layer from the pillanimation in order to make it less demanding
-> Implemented a popup which explains to the player why she can push drugs to non-junkies when fasttalking peaks
!> Found a bug which appeared when trying to trade sasha's dark secret to melissa and melissa claimed she already had it
/> Fixed a bug which stopped the ambience on grandma's farm when excercising
!> Detected a bug which makes friends talk about themselves in third person when on the phone and telling rumors
/> Fixed a bug which would prevent time from running on map after having saved a game
/> Fixed a bug which gave me a promoted popup prior to work, even though i was only close to promotion
-> implemented a mad dad sound when refusing to go to the farm
----------------------------------28 MARCH
/> Fixed a bad XML-Mount which made the friends calling girl say their name was undefined
/> Fixed a bad XML-Mount which prevented the Bossdig dialog from showing up
/> Fixed a bug which prevented the Read-Magazine animation from appearing when reading Knittinggalore
/> Fixed a bug which didn't update ambience and light at grandma's farm according to time of day.
/> Fixed a graphic glitch which made the moviestar poster cover a bit of the window.
/> Fixed a bug which left the game locked in busy after playing the pill animation
/> Adjusted the pillanimation even more to decrease demands from it.
/> Adjusted the recordstore interface so that it shouldn't block the popup
/> Fixed a bug which prevented the Amphetamine sound from playing
/> ? Fixed a bug which made homosexual couples appear in the rumors
/> ? Fixed a bug which moved you to nightclub entrance when clicking exitblob in girlsroom
/> Adjusted the Corridor Exitblob to make default movement lead to schoolyard
/> ? Fixed a bug which made the AI believe they already had Dark Secrets which they had not.
/> Fixed a bug which prevented the Cliffs Partymusic from playing
/> Fixed a bug which popped up a popularitybonus for partypresence before the party started
/> Fixed a bug which wouldn't remove dancedialog window
/> Fixed a bad XML-Mount which prevented the dance main dialog text from being visible
/> Adjusted several Fasttalking bonuses to decrease the overall fasttalking increases
/> ? FIxed a bug which made the restrooms door in Nightclub inclickable
/> ? Fixed a bug where the cheerleaders of the week turned up undefined
/> Fixed a bug which prevented the Foyer Ambience from playing

Sunday, March 27, 2005


I've spent the evening fixing bugs. i'm putting an ugly install upp on barbis.
-> implemented
/> fixed
/> ? probably fixed
!> detected
---------------------26 MARCH>
-> moon & sun is clickable for cash
-> added a limit to how many popups may appear simultaneously
-> added a check to the endingscreen-look-for-end-function, which should now make sure the user doesn't get any of the
"happy" ends when the game end prematurely
/> Tried to fix the visual lack of representation of done tests by adjusting the function in the confirmbutton in the
classroom test-exclusive movieclip shroud.
/> Moved the warningtext about that you can't save at home from the display of the cellphone to a popup appearing when
you click the savebutton in the wrong place.
/> Adjusted the cheatwindow to hopefully make cheats working again.
/> Balanceadjusted Flirting. Most importantly, removed the ancient Preferences, since they aren't part of the game in the
players eyes. I also gave the player a +2 slutbonus whenever she flirts. Always.
/> Adjusted XML for the Silicon Pamphlet
/> Made Fasttalking one of the skills which drops weekly
/> Made Shady a static Character in the mall
/> Rebalanced the Gossip, so that when the player is cursing a really unpopular character (donna!), the bonuses gained
are of less significance. Also added a slight decimation of the relation to the character which the player is talking
/> Fixed a bug which made the tutorial texts show up improperly.
/> Fixed a bad graphic for cocaine in the inventory's large window
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount, where Hi There! Let's work! and "QUIT!" was flapped in orange. =)
/> Fixed a bad graphic for the dunwhich presstand Boss.
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount where girlname wasn't parsed when eating a lunchbag
/> Fixed a bug where the player was able to open the inventory when attending dinner
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount where the amount of dollars gained by asking dad was called "type Function"
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount where the player's weight, displayed when hovering weight in attributes window wasn't parsed
/> Fixed a bug where level2 windows wouldn't display in the social interface window.
/> ? Fixed a bug with XML-section 139, where the numbers were out of joint.
/> ? Fixed a bug where Studying left character busy
/> ? Fixed a bug where the XML-mount of flirttitles were wrong.
!> Detected a bug where both %f and %x were replaced by "undefined"
/> ? Fixed a bug where stylecombat tutorial text kept reappearing.
-> Implemented the saving of the Helpcont array
/> Fixed a bug where no Cashpop would appear when bartering with Shady
-- Tested Coke, Seems to work fine.
-- Succeeded in being hired at the dunwhich presstand and worked there once.
-- Succeeded in being hired at the Absolutely Records and worked there twice.
-- Succeeded in going to the lovesofa and experiencing lost interest from a boy.
?> Fixed a bug where Alicia was called a HE in an AI-initiated Ban-Gossip
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount where dad was reminding the player of the frequent request of money for the same purpose.
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount where "girl must have drugs to push them" wasn't parsed
!> Detected a bug where jobs make you busy without the workanimations debusying.
/> Rebalanced the time at which the Houseparty starts so it begins at night.
!> Detected a bug where a graphic glitch appeared when I got drunk at the houseparty.
/> Fixed a bug where there were no ambience in the hp_toilet.
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount where the warning "looks like it's past bedtime" wasn't parsed
/> Fixed a bad XML-listing where several entries were placed wrong resulting in Jobreports flapping with promotion-ones.
-> Implemented an increase in delinquency when insulting really unpopular characters [bullying]
/> Fixed a bad XML-mount where the clothingstore try-and-buy-interface would display undefined text
/> Fixed a bad graphic for the False ID in the inventory

Friday, March 25, 2005

work during conference

Yap. We actually got some work done and some bugs fixed during our visit to GCC, much thanks to Gustaf's voluntary bugtesterspirit. Alot of the xml fell in place and I believe I killed another reason for the different jobholders to fire you immaturely. And now I'm kicking that XML in place.


Reinvented some animations (study & flip pages), and reglowed the briefcase.

I'm gonna go home now and stuff myself with yucky easter food.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

XTC caused a deathbug

Been bugtesting today as well and although the app is running a bit slow I've managed to proceed a month into the game. Although the whole game just freaked out when I was trying to seduce Johnny in the lovesofa when I was high on XTC. Sad! :D

Anyway, I made a lot happen during that month, became a cheerleader, got together with Mike, was dumped, and finally ended up with Charles instead. We'll just see what happens next month...